What Are PowerLinks?

What Are PowerLinks?

PowerLinks are real-time communication cables that work with standard Ethernet. They are an open standard and are managed by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. The Austrian automation company B&R introduced them in 2001. They have a low cyclic jitter of less than 1 ms.

SRAM developed PowerLock to make connecting a chain 10 speeds faster

PowerLock is a tool-free method for connecting a chain with 10 speeds. It has been developed by chain engineers at SRAM to help cyclists connect their chains with ease. It is recommended for use with SRAM Red, Force, Rival, Apex, and other industry-standard 10-speed systems.

PowerLock is compatible with SRAM and Shimano chain systems. The chain features chamfered outer plates and is quiet to operate. The chain connects to the cassette with the help of a PowerLock connecting link.

SRAM’s PowerLinks are reusable and easier to remove

SRAM sells a PowerLink chain for its 9-speed drivetrains. These reusable chains can be opened and closed multiple times. This allows you to replace the outer plates of your chain as needed. In addition, SRAM’s PowerLinks are easier to remove and reinstall.

PowerLinks are made of two parts: an outer plate and a pin. The pins latch into a hole in the opposite half of the Powerlink. The pins are shaped like heads, and they have an inset in one side, which you can remove by pressing inward.

They achieve less than 1 ms cyclic jitter

Powerlinks are an Ethernet-based technology that achieve less than 1 ms cyclical jitter. The protocol uses a time-slot division model and cyclic communication to achieve this goal. The data is grouped into two domains: the real-time domain and the non-real-time domain. The real-time domain handles data that requires synchronized motion and the non-real-time domain handles data that is not time-critical. This architecture provides a clear boundary between the factory network and machine network, preventing potential security risks and keeping data transparent.

They are Ethernet-compatible

Ethernet Powerlink is an Ethernet-compatible standard that was created by the Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG). It is a not-for-profit association, and its working groups are focused on safety, technology, certification, and marketing. It cooperates with other standardization organizations, including ISO and IEC. Its physical layer specifies 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, and it supports up to 1,000 Mbit/s.

The POWERLINK standard enables high-speed communications without using proprietary hardware. Its standardized device profiles guarantee full interoperability. It 애드센스 offers easy integration, low cost, and reduced downtime. It is a great option for a variety of industrial settings. It also works with vision systems and other automation systems.

They can be used on Shimano chains

Powerlinks are fasteners for cycling chains. Compared to regular chain bolts, these are easy to install and remove. They work on Shimano and SRAM chains and come in sets of two pairs. When ordering, you should get two sets in one order.

Powerlinks are not compatible with all bikes and can cause damage to your chain. It is important to check the compatibility of your chain before purchasing one. Some chains have specific dimensions that may prevent Powerlinks from functioning correctly.