How does marketing work?

When considering marketing activities in a management organization, marketing activities are one functional organization to achieve the purpose and goal of the business carried out by the management organization. In other words, it is one of the five functional activities of R&D, production operation, marketing, personnel organization, and finance and accounting 마케팅전략

Therefore, marketing activities should contribute to the achievement of the business goals of the entire management organization. The basic goal of the business carried out by the management organization is customer satisfaction. In other words, the primary goal of the management organization is to satisfy customers in a state of superiority over competitors in their domain.

First, it is necessary to understand the goals and tasks of the entire management organization even when carrying out marketing activities. This means that we need to know the current performance and future plans for our business strategy, such as understanding the current business performance and future direction of business development, and what differentiating points are our strengths and weaknesses and our products (services).

The second is to analyze the internal and external environment. Internal environmental analysis refers to identifying the contents of the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to competitive organizations by dividing it into its technology capabilities, manufacturing and operation capabilities, market marketing capabilities, human resource capabilities, and financial capabilities.

The analysis of the external environment is a macro general environment, which analyzes the political, macroeconomic, social culture, and technical environment in the market to evaluate the appropriateness of timing by content of marketing activities. The content of the micro-industrial condition analysis is to evaluate the competitive strength in the market, the potential entry of potential entrants, the existence and replacement of substitutes, the bargaining power of suppliers, and the bargaining power of buyers to utilize opportunities and measure threats 전문직마케팅

The third is to analyze the market in detail. A market refers to a place where transactions take place, but today it is right to say that it is an abstract area where transactions take place. The market has customers, competitors and companies. In customers, it is mainly to find opportunities, and in competitors, it is mainly to find threats, that is, obstacles and ways to overcome them.

There is a saying called market segmentation as a way to divide the market. This means that the market released is classified and analyzed from the perspective of geographical, economic, environmental, political, social, and technology, and categorized by meaningful market influencing factors

In addition, the target customer is determined by evaluating the attractiveness (scale and growth potential) of the market and the degree of suitability with the company’s business area for each subdivided market. Furthermore, it is important to understand the subject who decides the purchase, the process of determining the purchase, and the customer’s behavior that is the factor that determines the purchase.

If the customer’s behavioral factors are identified in this way, it is necessary to strategically plan the customer’s favorite positioning for each target market. Positioning is the relative position in the mind of its products that consumers perceive compared to competing products

In business administration, the factors and methods that determine the relative positioning in the customer’s mind mentioned above are called marketing mix strategies. Marketing mix refers to combining elements such as product type, price setting, promotion and advertising, location, and supply path.

The marketing mix strategy is to determine what components the marketing mix consists of to achieve the marketing goal set by the marketing manager in the target market of the goal and make a decision on what level each component should be.